Senior Showcase Advertisements

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Senior Showcase Advertisements

Another Semester down! One more step closer to my dreams! I’ve kept very busy this last semester, I was working and taking 15 or 16 credits. I kept up to date on all of my school work, made time for friends and even had the opportunity to make a little money free-lancing. Zachary Lee, a student who was in the Events Management class at BYU-Idaho hired me to be the designer for the Senior Showcase at BYU-Idaho. I helped him design a poster and a flyer to promote the event. Kris Bennett, another BYU-Idaho student in the BYU-Idaho Events Management class informed me that these advertisements promoted an event that brought in over 800 people and increased the attendance by over 50% from last years Senior Showcase.

Here is the Poster that was displayed on Campus:



The Senior Showcase committee and the Internship Fair committee teamed up and chose to do a joint flyer to promote their events. I re-designed a logo for the Internship Fair and placed the two events in one flyer:



If anyone ever needs help promoting an event, or needs some design work done I would be more than willing to work for you. Please email Marisa Reeves at: and I will get back to you or message me through my Facebook Page

Thank you,

-The Designer-The Voyager-Marisa Faye Reeves

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