The Office to Enhancing your Business...

Mar 23, 2013 by

Microsoft Office is a set of commonly used programs that are designed to help communicate with others. We use Microsoft Word to create documents that we can send to others. We use Powerpoint as a way to pitch an idea or create a learning presentation. We use Excel to display data and information. Microsoft Office is a universal program that the majority of todays world are familiar with and use on a regular basis. My teachers, even as I was at a young age, valued the teaching of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word was the program we used to type up our pieces we had written. I had a teacher that started teaching us in 4th grade how to use Powerpoint, he showed us how to be creative with Powerpoint as well. Microsoft office produces...

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QR Codes

Mar 13, 2013 by

For my Communications 100 Class we are looking over several websites and evaluating what these websites can help us with in our Future Careers. The First Website I will be evaluating: From this website you can learn about QR Codes. QR codes are images that can be scanned through a smart phone to have you to a direct link. We are living in a generation where having a smart phone is common. It’s easy to pick up your phone and scan a little picture to get the information you need rather than having to write down and remember a website for later reference. QR is a quick response which is what our society demands. Let us look at how we can give society the quick response they desire. Is there possibly a piece...

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