Your Cup of Tea

Oct 22, 2015 by

This week, in my Vector Graphics class I was assigned to design a website in Illustrator using Vector Graphics from my last assignment.   Sketches: I sketched out ideas of how my website should look using a wireframe layout.       Then I choose two of my sketches and made them into Illustrator wireframes. Designing in Illustrator: After I completed my sketches, I choose a theme for my website. I decided I wanted to go with a tea cup shop. I decided none of my sketches really worked with the theme I chose so I went with an infinite scrolling design. I used the outline of my cups as navigation icons. I used the same fonts as my last tea cup project to create a sense of harmony. My designs were relatively simplistic...

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Aphrodite Nail Salon-Logo Design...

Nov 2, 2013 by

  These Logos were designed for two of my very best childhood friends, they both have their Nail Tech licenses and have shown interest in starting their own business. When I was assigned this project in my Visual Media Class, I instantly thought of the two of them! I volunteered to design a logo for them, free of cost because they have always been such good friends to me, and also I have gotten my nails done by one of my friends a few times for a considerably lower price then if I were to go to a local salon, and she did a good job After I received the idea of designing for my friends, I asked their permission and then I searched for inspiration. Pinterest and Google Images were my main sources...

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