Reindeer for Every Season

Dec 3, 2015 by

For my Vector Graphics¬†class we have been working on designing T-Shirts. Finding a theme for a project like this is actually really difficult for me because the only time I will wear printed T-shirts is to bed. So I needed to find something that I actually really liked and would wear around the house or find something to give to someone for Christmas (I’m sure one of my sisters will steal it from me anyway). I have a strange obsession for reindeer, I own several reindeer pajama pants, a reindeer dress, reindeer shirts and sweatshirts. All except the dress I only wear around the house. I also have a reindeer pillow pet. ¬†I figured I could add to the collection. I knew I didn’t want just a plain reindeer, but I was still unsure...

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