A light in the Dark Fabric Design...

Dec 6, 2011 by

A Light in the Dark Fabric Design: I was assigned to either design an area rug or a fabric. I chose fabric. My sources of inspiration came from: The floating lanterns because I remembered lighting them off at my dear friend Kylie Mae’s Birthday party. (You may recognize these as the lanterns from the popular Disney movie Tangled). Another source of inspiration came from the rhythmic pattern of a simple city scape. As lanterns ascend to the sky they appear to be smaller and smaller as they float away. I created a pattern where the motif that appears to be a lantern starts at a very large size and decreases in size as it works its way up the fabric. Eventually they get big again and the process starts over again. The color palettes...

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Texture Sphere (Tactile Texture)...

Nov 9, 2011 by

I chose to use nylon and tight material because, it seems to be an item that women have to buy and instantly become disposable due to runs and rips in them. I figured Nylons and tights would be easy to get ahold of considering how quickly girls go through nylons, I bought a few to add interest and texture to the sphere. I also took advantages of my resources and grabbed about 1/2 a box of Peds from Payless, the lady working there looked at me kinda funny but I smiled and ran out, they are free for the public. I covered the sphere with black nylon until the sphere could not be seen. Then, with the assistance of my roommate I sewed on bunches of nylons and tights in rose shaped bunches. It...

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Motifs and Initials

Nov 3, 2011 by

Inspired by my first and last initial and my signature I created the illusion of texture through patterns and motifs. I could see this making a very interesting piece of fabric. – Marisa Faye Reeves ASSIGNMENT # 8:If we use the same shape more than once in a design, we use it in repetition. Repetition is the simplest method in designing. Columns, and windows in architecture, the legs of a piece of furniture, the pattern in fabrics; tiles on the floor are obvious examples of repetition. Unity, one of the principles of design, is the result. 1. Using more than one of the initials from your name, develop a unit shape (single motif). You may distort, rearrange, completely change the initials so that they are completely unrecognizable. The motif can be rounded, squared, or...

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The Pirate and the Ghost

Oct 20, 2011 by

Assignment- Abstract art: Make a pencil drawing from a photograph and simplify the subject matter by leaving out some of the smaller details. In a second drawing flatten the object shapes and simplify their contours so that they are almost abstract in nature. You may sacrifice objective identity to unify the pictorial organization. Use black and white and shades of gray only for your final presentation. Use 11″ X 14″ format. Matt in black. OBJECTIVE:To help the students develop an understanding of shape and how it is used to create form and composition. I was to use the same image from my last assignment (The duck) as my starting point for this project. Along with my Abstract art I was assigned to come up with a story based off of my art and present...

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Line- Duck lines

Oct 6, 2011 by

Assignment: Using a magazine photo as the basis for the Line Problem for this project, reduce the photo to a variety of black and white lines. Objective: To familiarize the student with the basic qualities of line as a design element, and how the use of line can change a realistic image to one that is abstract in quality. To develop an appreciation for abstract as valid design. Orignal Duck: My...

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Symbolic Design

Sep 14, 2011 by

My junior year of high school I was assigned to write a paper about anything that related to the renaissance era. I knew there were many subjects I could have chosen from.  I decided to chose a subject that was a little more difficult to research that I was interested in: Renaissance Jewelry. I was also required to put together a presentation for my paper. I have been making jewelry since I was eight years old so I decided that I was going to make a renaissance styled necklace. I believe this particular piece symbolizes me because of the work that went into the item. I would rather accomplish something difficult that is interesting to me than to do something that is easy and boring for me. I enjoy spending time in my schooling, design...

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Enviormental Autobiography

Sep 7, 2011 by

The Start of My Voyage as an Interior Designer ID Design Basics 101: Environmental Autobiography By: Marisa Reeves When I was a little girl, my mom read me bedtime stories, my favorite was book started out like this, “In an old house in Paris that was cover in vines “(Bemelmans) that’s right, Madeline was my hero. This fictional little girl influenced my life tremendously. I admired Madeline’s strong character, her courage and how fearless she was. I could relate to Madeline because I often felt that I too was, “The smallest one.”  She taught me that even though I’m small I can accomplish big things. Because of Madeline, Paris was also the first foreign place that I had learned about. I learned all about European architecture as well, as I grew older I was...

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