Girls and Ghosts- Frozen/blurred action...

Feb 20, 2014 by

Here are some more from Bannack Ghost Town, empathizes on the “Ghost” Here are two shots a blurred action (a ghost picture) and a Frozen Action picture. Ghost Girls:   Friday February 14th 2014, Bannack Montana, 10:59am, Nikon D3100, f/22, Shutter Speed: 10.0sec Admittedly this is not the best picture, I only got a few ghost pictures, I was having too much fun being a model myself. The illusion of “ghosts” were created with a slow shutter speed and a high aperture. The models stood in the frame and bolted out during the middle of the frame. Fun in the Snow:   Friday February 14th 2014, Bannack Montana, 11:10am, Nikon D3100, f/9, 1/400sec This is just a fun picture, you can see the excitement on the two girls faces. The snow was thrown up...

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