The Event of Blogging

Mar 22, 2013 by

I started this blog the Summer of 2011, this was my first blog I ever created and I would consider this blog a success. I hope for a lot more traffic in the future. I was able to learn from Lane Williams a that Random blogging can get you a good job if the right people come across the blog. While my blog is not random but rather more geared to what I want in life I still feel that this blog could get me somewhere great if I play my cards right. I promote myself through Facebook and Twitter. I have networked with many Interior Designers and Communication directors through this blog and my twitter account. Every student in my Communications 100 course was required to create a WordPress account, I had an...

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QR Codes

Mar 13, 2013 by

For my Communications 100 Class we are looking over several websites and evaluating what these websites can help us with in our Future Careers. The First Website I will be evaluating: From this website you can learn about QR Codes. QR codes are images that can be scanned through a smart phone to have you to a direct link. We are living in a generation where having a smart phone is common. It’s easy to pick up your phone and scan a little picture to get the information you need rather than having to write down and remember a website for later reference. QR is a quick response which is what our society demands. Let us look at how we can give society the quick response they desire. Is there possibly a piece...

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