Senior Showcase Advertisements

Apr 14, 2014 by

Another Semester down! One more step closer to my dreams! I’ve kept very busy this last semester, I was working and taking 15 or 16 credits. I kept up to date on all of my school work, made time for friends and even had the opportunity to make a little money free-lancing. Zachary Lee, a student who was in the Events Management class at BYU-Idaho hired me to be the designer for the Senior Showcase at BYU-Idaho. I helped him design a poster and a flyer to promote the event. Kris Bennett, another BYU-Idaho student in the BYU-Idaho Events Management class informed me that these advertisements promoted an event that brought in over 800 people and increased the attendance by over 50% from last years Senior Showcase. Here is the Poster that was displayed...

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Cheese Louise Event Flyer

Oct 11, 2013 by

Description: I designed this flyer for my Visual Media class, This was a challenge for me because I have always had Adobe programs around me since my mother is a graphic designer and I pursued a life of design as well.  I was NOT allowed to use Adobe programs on this specific project, I quite honestly did not know how to use word to design anything, I never needed too. There were times where I really wanted to open up illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop but I was able to compose this project entirely from MicroSoft Word as I was assigned to do, even the logo which was a struggle but a push for me. The assignment was to create a flyer for a beneficiary and a benefactor using a high quality image that we...

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Mar 23, 2013 by

My Teacher, Ward Hicks encouraged me to Join PRSSA(Public Relation Skills and Activities). This is an organization designed for students who are interested in Public Relations (Which is my area of study, with my focus on Event Management). PR is designed to enhance writing and editing skills, expand our knowledge of how to resource, be able to be a part of media planning (another area of interest for me) learn the importance of evaluation, be able to strategically think, receive opportunity to program, produce special events etc. PRSSA helps students find a job or internship, offers awards and scholarship, provides travel opportunities creates affiliation with the PRSA (The non-student version of PRSSA) and offers local chapter activities. For more information you can go to From Micheal Cannon I learned that PR is also...

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The Way Life is Presented: Advertisement...

Mar 23, 2013 by

In advertising there are 5 “P’s” we should consider; Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People. It is important that we make our advertisements appropriate for our audience, the area in which we advertise, we use the appropriate medium and the correct purpose of the advertisement. Beth Hendricks taught that Advertising brings Prices down. Advertising brings people to buy things they don’t want or need. to quote ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, “A store can open a lust for things you never knew you needed” such is the same with advertising. Hendricks presented this video for communication students, In Advertising the way you present is everything! Be creative, be appropriate and be convincing! Get the audience you want to see the appeal of what you are advertising! Stand out from the world. I am currently working...

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QR Codes

Mar 13, 2013 by

For my Communications 100 Class we are looking over several websites and evaluating what these websites can help us with in our Future Careers. The First Website I will be evaluating: From this website you can learn about QR Codes. QR codes are images that can be scanned through a smart phone to have you to a direct link. We are living in a generation where having a smart phone is common. It’s easy to pick up your phone and scan a little picture to get the information you need rather than having to write down and remember a website for later reference. QR is a quick response which is what our society demands. Let us look at how we can give society the quick response they desire. Is there possibly a piece...

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Planning for the Future

Mar 10, 2013 by

I have officially changed my Major to Communications last week! My focus is going to be in Public Relations and I am taking a Unit in Advertising/Marketing. I have been thinking about being an Event Planner for almost a year now, but I still felt like Interior Design needed to be a useful and important aspect in my career. Not to long ago a big Idea hit me; why don’t I become an Event Manager for Interior Design Market Shows? I was able to meet with one of my teachers and he fully supported me in my academic plan, I was advised to go into PR and Advertising/Marketing which was what I was already considering so that’s great! I learned that basically you can work in any area of Interest when you go into PR (so...

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Designing for The Business Expo...

Feb 11, 2013 by

I am currently taking an Events Management class, I think this is what I want to do with my future so I figured I better take the class because I don’t like wasting any time when it comes to my future. I feel the need to test the waters now. I am throughly enjoying the class. My teacher assigned a group of us to coordinate with the Chamber of Commerce to plan and produce the Business Expo this coming April. (Finals week/ move out week it’s going to be a CRAZY week!) With my design experience I was entitled to the position of the group “Designer”. I’m excited to start more design projects soon. The Chamber of Commerce has been producing the Business Expo for quite a few years now and yet they do...

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