Abstract Photography

Feb 20, 2014 by

This was a project in Bannack where we took Macro shots or shots with a lot of Blokeh (blurred background) and combined them with a texture we took in Bannack.   All Your Notions on the Table: This was the finished piece, the texture provided a even more rustic look to the table and added interest to the thread. I used a Hard light overlay to blend the wallpaper into the sewing machine image. I masked out a lot of the background so it didn’t have an overwhelming look. I think this one turned out really nice.   Texture:¬†Friday February 14th 2014, 1:42pm, Bannack Montana, Nikon D3100, f/4.0, Shutter Speed: 1/60sec Original Table:¬†Friday February 14th 2014, 11:37am, Bannack Montana, Nikon D3100, f/4.0, Shutter Speed...

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Original Abstract Impressionism...

Apr 5, 2012 by

Color Theory Project. We learned about famous impressionists and then took this project to create original art. The picture says it all. Marisa Faye...

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The Pirate and the Ghost

Oct 20, 2011 by

Assignment- Abstract art: Make a pencil drawing from a photograph and simplify the subject matter by leaving out some of the smaller details. In a second drawing flatten the object shapes and simplify their contours so that they are almost abstract in nature. You may sacrifice objective identity to unify the pictorial organization. Use black and white and shades of gray only for your final presentation. Use 11″ X 14″ format. Matt in black. OBJECTIVE:To help the students develop an understanding of shape and how it is used to create form and composition. I was to use the same image from my last assignment (The duck) as my starting point for this project. Along with my Abstract art I was assigned to come up with a story based off of my art and present...

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Line- Duck lines

Oct 6, 2011 by

Assignment: Using a magazine photo as the basis for the Line Problem for this project, reduce the photo to a variety of black and white lines. Objective: To familiarize the student with the basic qualities of line as a design element, and how the use of line can change a realistic image to one that is abstract in quality. To develop an appreciation for abstract as valid design. Orignal Duck: My...

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