Reindeer for Every Season

Dec 3, 2015 by

For my Vector Graphics class we have been working on designing T-Shirts. Finding a theme for a project like this is actually really difficult for me because the only time I will wear printed T-shirts is to bed. So I needed to find something that I actually really liked and would wear around the house or find something to give to someone for Christmas (I’m sure one of my sisters will steal it from me anyway). I have a strange obsession for reindeer, I own several reindeer pajama pants, a reindeer dress, reindeer shirts and sweatshirts. All except the dress I only wear around the house. I also have a reindeer pillow pet.  I figured I could add to the collection. I knew I didn’t want just a plain reindeer, but I was still unsure...

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Oct 8, 2015 by

The Project:  For my Vector Graphics class this semester we were required to design icons. I choose to design teacups since I have a small collection of them. My designs were inspired by seven of my own teacups and teacups I found on Pinterest. I wanted each cup to be different from each other. Some seem much different than others.   The Process-Sketching:  I began the process by sketching the seven teacups I had on display at a very small scale as you can see:   After I got an idea as to what I was doing I sketched twelve final teacups: I then took six of my designs to the next level with Illustrator: After I worked out some kinks with the first six, I added six more. I struggled to get the...

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Shots

Feb 20, 2014 by

I just learned how to shoot an HDR shot- or shots. On my camera I do not have bracketing so I had to perform bracketing manually. For those of you reading this that don’t know what an HDR shot is, they are a collection of images that vary in composition (over exposed, underexposed) placed together to get the perfect composition. I used the free version of Photomatrix since I can’t afford the real version right now. Doctors Desk:   I was very pleased at how well this image came out. This was in an old doctor’s house. The wood has more definition , the reflection is much more defined than it was in any of the three images this one image was composed from. The colors are just amazing!          ...

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One Snowy Day (Flexible Edits)

Jan 30, 2014 by

These are pictures I took for Digital imaging, we are learning about flexible edits, creating adjustment layers and filtered layers. Here is some of my work:   The first edit I performed on this photo was added with a Black and White mask layer. I Added color back to the image on the fence and in the tree. Next, I added a warming filter, I masked out the tree in the back. After performing the masks and edits I added another layer and fixed the color balance, I took out the majority of the blue undertones. This image was taken in my backyard.     This picture is a picture of a house just down the street from my own house. The first edit performed on this picture was a hue and saturation adjustment,...

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