The 5 Doodle Girls

Mar 4, 2016 by

The 5 Doodle Girls

This is my last semester at BYU-Idaho! Yay! I almost made it. At BYU-Idaho, the communication students are required to create a senior project before graduation. Traditionally this is done your last semester. I thought about what I was going to do for the past few semesters. My whole family has a habit of doodling these crazy (usually abstract) doodles. My mom and I have always wanted to make fabric or duvet covers with our doodles on them. We have been working on the process of DIY screen printing and we are not entirely sure what products we will be able to print on. We are starting with shirts and a canvas bag. I have about 16 designs that will be sold on an Etsy shop. I will open the shop as soon as I get a few of my products screen printed. I am quite happy with some of my doodles came out. I have used my families designs as well. I’m sorry to disappoint but the cat design is my 11-year-old sister’s design. Stay tuned for a link to my Etsy shop.


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