Dresses to Impress

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Dresses to Impress

My most popular post from designersvoyage.com and my previous blog address, designersvoyage.wordpress.com is “Capturing Life Through Images” http://designersvoyage.com/2013/03/23/capturing-life-through-images/ the post was made when I took my Intro to Communications course, or Comm 100. I was assigned at that time to write about what I learned in class and apply it to myself. I had a small section in this post that discussed how I created a prom dress out of a wedding dress. This post has gotten the most “Repins”, I’ve gotten attention from professionals and amateurs that share that same love of design I have. I love seeing others appreciate the hard work I have performed.

I would like to say thank you to those who have shared my love for design, who have helped me get my name out in this world. I have been added to several blogrolls and have seen Designer’s Voyage debut on Facebook and Pinterest. I will announce that Designer’s Voyage is on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/designersvoyage/

This morning I received an email from a fellow “Fashionista” if you will from Paris Ciel who featured my dress in a blog post of their own entitled “55 Intelligent & Fun Ways To Refashion Prom, Wedding & Formal Dresses” http://www.parisciel.com/blog/en/55-intelligent-fun-ways-refashion-upcycle-prom-formal-wedding-dresses/#.VBdMPpH4vwK It was really a treat to see my work featured in spot #26. Many other creative ideas were presented in this post. I will just say that Re-fashioning most dresses in an appealing way is not easy, but if you have the time and are limited on money it is well worth it. The dress I purchased for my project cost $30 and many many hours of my time.

There are so many ways to find inspiration now, Pinterest wasn’t really a big thing when I designed my dress in 2010, Fashion blogs and articles like Paris Ciel’s recent article were not so readily available. Fashion blogs did exist, I have been following “A Dress a Day” for years, it just wasn’t as easy to find the exact concept you were searching for.  There are 55 ideas that are very accessible to anyone who desires to Refashion a dress all in one place! I hope to see many more fun dresses circling the web in the future. Up-cycling is fun and allows people to be more creative in the way they see the world. Next time you see a piece of furniture or clothing try to think of what it could be instead of what it is.



-The Designer – The Voyager- Marisa Faye Reeves-


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