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Cut out

The following are images that I took in the past and cut out a piece of them for my Digital Imaging class. The biggest struggle with this project was being able to cut out images cleanly because, even on a mask layer it was not always clear what part of the image I was including in the cut out and which I was excluding from the cut out,I got some undesired grey and white lines in pieces of my cut out, that I’m sure I will learn to fix more effectively and in a more timely manner. All of the images below are of my littlest sister in my yard back home, shot with a Kodak c195 Easyshare Point and Shoot Camera, all images have been sized to 600×800 pixels. einacar


This image was taken March 26th 2012 in the afternoon the shutter speed was 1/500sec and the F-stop was f/4.5.




This image is a cut out of my sister, her balloon, her “Pat the Bunny” book  and her little red toy car.


This image has all the same elements as the previous image, however this is a partial cut out, part of the cement was included as well.




Here is another picture of my sister, this picture was taken May 4th 2012 sometime in the afternoon the shutter speed was 1/320sec and the F-stop was f/3.3estand




This is a cut out of her standing. I got a lot of undesired grey and white areas here that I would like to more effectively fix in a more timely manner.



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