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The following is a story written for my Writing for Communications Class. The story came from material that was given to me in class:


A student of Madison High School was pronounced dead at Eastern Idaho Medical center after being hit by a pick up truck.



Melissa J. Green and friend, Vinnie Sabre were headed to a baseball game at Madison High School on Nov. 7, the two of them were walking across the crosswalk on Emerald street  when a distracted driver hit the Green. The accident was reported to Officer John Szchepanski at 5:16 that evening.



Sabre informed Officer  Szchepanski that he heard screeching tires and saw Green hit the roof of the truck and then hit the ground quite a distance away from the vehicle. Other witnesses were able to testify of the accident.



The driver was identified as John Goff, a 58 year old resident of Sugar City. Goff was distracted by the baseball game at Madison High School and was not aware of the two pedestrians.



Sabre and Green did not realize right away that Goff was not stopping at the crosswalk, when they realized that the pick-up was not about to stop they tried to get to the west curb, which was out of the way of the vehicle. Green was contacted by the pick-up, she skidded across the asphalt and came to rest on the southbound curb lane. Goff steered left and applied the brakes, causing the truck to skid across the asphalt.



Sabre was not affected by the accident.Green suffered head trauma and was dead on arrival when admitted to the Eastern Idaho Medical Center.

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