Through Second Person

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Through Second Person

In my Communications Writing class I was required to write an “About me” piece but in Second person:

Marisa Reeves grew up living with her mom and three sisters in Eagle Mountain, Utah. She began her career path by studying Interior Design. Marisa had prepared to be an Interior Designer in many ways: she was involved in FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) to be able to participate in Interior Design competitions, she designed a model home as a school district project, she took classes through her high school and researched Interior Design as much as possible.

To become a successful Interior Designer was Ms. Reeves’ dream. Marisa was accepted into the Interior Design program at Brigham Young University-Idaho for Fall Semester of 2011, she could hardly contain her excitement.

As Marisa started the program she was eager to learn but her happiness did not last as long as she had anticipated; she struggled with a professor not giving her the respect she deserved, she struggled with the curriculum, she became discouraged as well as very ill (with vertigo) for a whole month out of her semester making it very difficult to travel to and from classes.

Marisa began to wonder…was Interior Design really the path she should be pursuing?

Marisa Reeves is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so she did what any faithful Saint would do in times of distress; she prayed and trusted that the Savior knew what was best for her. She later found herself pursuing another career path: Event Management.

As she looked into Event Management and discovered that Communications would be the best way to prepare for a career in Event-Planning. Marisa took the Events Management class at Brigham Young University-Idaho and came to a realization; she could use her Interior Design Skills in conjunction with her Communications Skills and made a goal to work towards interning and trying for a job that will allow her to work in the Interior Design Market Business.

Marisa’s confidence has increased since her newly found career path has been set and she is better able to pursue her goal and motto in life of, “Just making a difference in this world by just being me!” she is well on her way to a bright and successful future.


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